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Available Services

Content Distribution

Big Indy exist to give independent creators a multitude of options and platforms to expose their work.

Social Media is our social media app. Launched in 2018, we offer a all-in-one music & Video streaming, social media platform. 


Advertise across our massive network to reach your target audience. From our social media network to our Roku channels our reach of over 135 countries and 500 cities can increase your brand awareness. 

Fashion, Models & Actors also has a fashion module to showcase models and clothing brands. We use our models and actors in our content. We incentivize our indie film creators to do so as well. We offer casting call information as well as other services for actors. 


Our marketing team can help increase your ROI, with our proven multi platform marketing solution. We have in house social media experts to help you leverage the power of the many social media giants to further expose your brand. 

Web Services

Our development team can build your website, app or database. We also do web  hosting and VR. 

News & Magazine

Brainchild of Big Indy Presents, Big Indy now has a newspaper and a magazine. These publications are widely circulated and cover the entertainment industry from the inside out. 

Local Search

SEO is very important and all of our sites are embedded with these tools. We also work with City Buzz Local to embed our media in each city they list. Imagine the Craigslist of media. Each city has our TV/Film channel, radio station and music player. 

NFT's & Virtual Assets

Our development team is building and testing The Indyverse. which is a metaverse marketplace. We are also releasing our first round of NFT's with City Buzz Media known as City Portals NFT. This will give owners the opportunity to have input in the ongoing development of City Portals. (

Music Streaming

Big Indy started as a music streaming company. We not only offer streaming and downloading, but we have The Big Indy Music Charts. Now you can see how your indie artist are doing on the charts


Big Indy sponsors and host events to promote our brand and creators. Keep an eye out for our announcements. 

Product Placement & Integration

We offer this service to brands who would like to place their products in tv shows, films, music videos, podcast ect..

This is a great way to establish your brand over the long term.  

Film, TV & Radio

Now playing on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV as well as embedded in over 100 city portals world wide. We can also be found on and Big Indy Radio

Big Indy TV is giving indie creators major exposure worldwide.  


We offer consulting services for brands, companies and independent creators. Just fill out the contact information below. 


Big Indy Gaming division is dedicated to the development of games as well as providing a platform for game creators. 

Public Relations

Our team is prepared to help you mold your brand and image for success. Just fill out the contact information below. 


Big Indy Books is a marketplace for writers to sell their material. We also offer groups and courses to aid them in their growth and development. 

Business Services

Big Indy has business to business services to increase your ROI. We also entertain joint partnerships under the right conditions. Just fill out the contact information below.


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