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School Dayz Educational Multimedia Program

School Dayz TV is Is a multimedia program hosted by Big Indy TV It is designed for schools to teach youth about broadcast media and the many opportunities that await.


Big Indy is broadcasted on multiple platforms such as: Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart Tv's. Our programs are distributed in over 150 Counties around the world. We have a social media network to host our courses as well as distribute music, videos, artworks and books.

We have a in-house staff to assist your students in uploading their content to our network as well as onsite training. Now each school can have it own mini TV & Radio Station to cover school news, sporting events, school plays and much more.


School Dayz TV will have its own 24 hour streaming channel as well as Video On Demand Channels. Student operators will participate in online training hosted on to be qualified to operate the tv & radio channels for their school.

Students interested in music and artwork such as painting, sculptures ect. will also be able to showcase and distribute their work as well as monetize it across our network.

Television & Film
Music Distribution

1 school 


District 20 Schools or less     

(4000.00 Per School)

District 21 - 40 Schools         

(3500.00 Per School)

District 41 - 60  Schools       

(3300.00 Per School)

District 61 Schools And Up  

(3000.00 Per School)

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